Whois Lookup Simplified


VOID WHOIS API enables you to query for domain information and show it on your site or application. Show domain availability, ip, registration info on the go!

Whois Lookup with Statistics

Our WHOIS API not only offers convinient way to search for whois info, it also offers you statistics. You can know what domain / TLD your customers are looking for, Customer location and more.

Easy to use WHOIS Data
XML/JSON format

VOID Whois API Checks for WHOIS registry referral chain until the correct WHOIS servers are found and fetches the data in well formatted way.

Our WHOIS parser converts WHOIS data into well-structured format (XML & JSON), which can easily be read by your application.

Our API already supports latest TLD's but if we are missing some contact us and we will add it to our server.

500 free WHOIS request.

No credit card required.

Convenient and Easy Pricing


Completely Free
$ 0
  • 500 API Queries
  • All available TLD
  • Quite fast server
  • No User Stats
  • No Support
  • No History

One time

Starting from
$ 5
  • On demand API Queries
  • All available TLD
  • Fastest server
  • User statistics
  • 24 hour Support
  • Monthly History

Monthly / Yearly

Srarting from
$ 4
  • 1000+ API Queries
  • All available TLD
  • Fast server
  • User statistics
  • 24/7 Support
  • Month/Year History

Whois API integration

We provide extensions for the most popular open source CMS WordPress and more are on the way
Integrate WHOIS API into your application in minutes following our easy to use Guides